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Year 6 write imagery poetry inspired by 'Skellig'

Year 6 write imagery poetry inspired by 'Skellig'

Year 6 are reading Skellig, a story about a young boy who moves to a house that needs updating. He is not very happy about the move but finds a mysterious character lurking in the dilapidated garage. They wrote some excellent descriptions of the inside of this garage and then produced imagery poetry, about the creature. They were able to transfer the skills of acquiring appropriate and effective language from one task to another and also revised the importance of detailed and structured planning.They have also created some wonderful drawings of the garage which formed a visual basis for their writing. Examples of their work are on display in T3. Please do come and look. There will be some scientifically linked exploration after Year 6 return from France, when we will look at flight, wings, owls and how these themes are used in the book.

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