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Year 6 write letters and cards to their new French pen pals

Year 6 write letters and cards to their new French pen pals

Our Year 6 pupils have been excited to discover who their new French pen pal is this week. Gateway pupils have all been matched up with a pen pal (some with two!) from two French schools in the towns of Aubenas and Vallon in the Ardèche region. They have all written a first letter in French, and a Christmas card, to introduce themselves to their pen pal. They mentioned family members and pets, and listed some of their main hobbies or interests. Many of them have been matched up with someone with a similar interest. They will be writing and hopefully receiving a letter per term (as well as Christmas and Easter cards). Of course, we will be practising our French language skills in a genuine context, while the French pupils will get to practise some of their English skills. Later in the year, we plan to exchange a recorded video clip message with our French friends so that we can see them ‘for real’. Joyeux Noël!

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