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Year 6 write poetry inspired by Orpheus

Year 6 write poetry inspired by Orpheus

This week, during English and History lessons, Year 6 have been working with Take One Picture. They have looked at a 17th century Dutch painting by Savery, which depicts the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice in a landscape with exotic animals. Each pupil chose an animal from the painting and wrote poetry that captured the essence of each creature.
In History, they learnt about the Dutch trade companies and the routes they took when discovering a new and exciting global market. It was during these explorations and exchanges that they came across the animals depicted in the paintings. Many were bought back and put in menageries. The children have researched in pairs to create a wonderful book about the animals.
Year 6 have also been very busy preparing for their ESB exams and delighting staff and fellow pupils with their presentations. We wish them luck with their performances.

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