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Year 6 write their own autobiographies

Year 6 write their own autobiographies

This week, Year 6 have been reading Roald Dahl's 'Boy' and thoroughly enjoying his tales of ghastly characters and horrific accidents. Dahl uses plenty of hyperbole to make the most of every event recalls. He claims that the book is not an autobiography, as these are boring! However, we disagree. 'Boy' is the story of his childhood and is an excellent example of a non-boring autobiography! The Y6 pupils have also been writing their own autobiographies, taking their lead from Dahl and trying to make the reader gasp, laugh and cringe as they share memorable experiences.

One recollection in Dahl's book is 'The Great Mouse Plot' where he and his friends planned to get their revenge on the unsavoury sweet shop owner, Mrs Pratchett, by dropping a dead mouse into one of her jars of sweets. We had great fun re-enacting this scene in drama and especially enjoyed seeing friends transform into the 'old hag' herself. Plenty more hilarious and hair raising episodes lie in wait and we will be bringing them all to life in drama. We can't wait!

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