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Year 3 children delve into the 'Magic Box'

Year 3 children delve into the 'Magic Box'

In Year 3 this week our English work has been based around the poem 'Magic Box' By Kit Wright. The children have revised work on adjectives, verbs and nouns. They found examples of these words in the poem and thought about why the author used them and the effect they have. When reading with your child at home it would be good if you could look for verbs, adjectives and nouns in the text and discuss why they have been used. It would also be good to get the children to think about alternatives words that could be used.

We have also studied alliteration and how this is used for effect in the poem. To support this work at home you might like to get the children to put 1 or more adjectives before names that start with the same letter, for example the flawless floor.

The children have all been really inspired by the poem and their imaginations have really shone through. We have had hinges made from butterfly wings, boxes made of dragon's scales and dinosaurs teeth. They have finished the week by writing their own version of the poem.

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