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Years 3 and 4

Years 3 and 4

It has been a pleasure to see so many happy and smiling children as I have been touring the classrooms today asking them all about their first week experiences. They were all very keen to share their favourite moments and the amazing facts they have learned with me.

In Miss Atkins class they used some lovely adjectives: amazing, epic, happy, friendly, exciting, fabulous, splendid as well as nerve racking. Emilie has enjoyed joining senior choir and George was spellbound by ‘Lego coding club’ -”Everyone should choose it!”

Mr Wallace is working his magic with the class and the new children - Harry and Noah told me that they had made lots of new friends, are having fun and finding the lessons very interesting. Jack informed me that the biggest rainforest in the world was called the Amazon!

Beginning to use the chrome books in ICT lessons had certainly delighted the children in Miss Crangles’ class, with many telling me that it had been their favourite lesson so far. Scarlett and William S have enjoyed their first lesson learning about habitats while Olivia is excited about the rainforest topic. Lily thinks her new teachers is lovely and all of the class agreed.

In Year 3 there has been a smooth transition to the senior school from our end, so please let us know if the picture is different at home. Many of the children are very tired today! Bella has enjoyed being part of the senior assembly and thought talking about changes was a good idea. Oscar J is very keen to learn more about signs and symbols while Rosie has been delighted to be back with her friends.

Sam B in Miss Trinidad’s class has loved the food this week, found the lessons great fun and thinks that the Gateway teachers are “very nice.” Lottie B feels really happy, Thomas C has enjoyed getting to know new people and having some “lovely new teachers” while Charlotte G and Katrina have enjoyed catching up with all of their friends.

Mrs Grosse has taught the children to send e-mails safely and they all sent her a message about how they feel their first week has been. There were lots of happy emojis. Many in the class said that swimming and games were highlights of their week. Charlotte K loved making her maths book of signs and symbols and using a maths dictionary for the first time. Teddie liked writing a passage about himself to accompany the beautiful picture he had produced in art with Mrs Taylor.

Sorry to all of the other children who gave me so many lovely quotes. I am thrilled that you have had a great first week.

All PE kit (including red socks, white socks, shin pads and boots) needs to be in school for both PE days: Monday and Wednesday for year 3 and Tuesday and Friday for year 4. Swimming bags for year 3 should be brought in on a Thursday.

Have a lovely, restful weekend and we’ll see you all bright and early on Monday ready for round 2!

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