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A great start to the term

We are pleased to launch our new website which has been designed to provide greater insight into life at Gateway School, as well as an easier visitor experience. If you have any feedback, please send us your thoughts.

The summer term is well underway and over the last couple of weeks it has been impressive to see the children tackling new topics, new sports and new clubs so confidently. At Gateway we ensure pupils are encouraged and supported when they tackle new challenges, whether inside or outside of the classroom. This ensures they feel confident to try new experiences as they know that even if they have not cracked it the first time there will be plenty of support to help them through. Their ability to harness existing skills and interests and apply them in different areas and in different ways is a key skill for life. As they grow up and continue both with their education and their working life they will constantly be required to use pre-existing skills in a flexible way to solve problems and tackle new challenges.

We consider it vitally important we help our children to develop the grit to overcome difficulties and to have the determination and resilience to use their skill set in a different way to tackle new challenges. The classroom presents many such opportunities, especially when we ensure that pupils are asked open ended questions and set investigative tasks. Tackling a new sport or a musical instrument also provides many challenges that need to be overcome to be successful and many of our club offerings enable the children to develop their skills in many different directions.

We are off to a great start and I would like to end the first blog of the term by congratulating all the children who have been awarded star badges and merit strips this week. Well done!

Star Badges

Josie R, Zoe K, Freddie H, Penny D, Marea L, Matilda N, Isla M, Adam W, Hugh P

Merit Strips

Nathan S, Ali R, Jonathan R, Freya C

Have a lovely weekend.

Sue La Farge - Headteacher

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