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School is a very busy place at present. Busy, but exciting! Busy, but perhaps with a smattering of nervousness too?

There is so much going on - this week we have had a fabulous Year 6 Enrichment Week with children working in teams to craft the ‘next big idea’ and presenting their thoughts and parents joining them for a Careers event where they shared an insight into their work and the pathway they took. Year 6 are also in full swing as they prepare for their swansong performance of Oliver! at the Elgiva Theatre. Other year groups are also busy preparing their end of year performances and all children are honing their skills for the upcoming Sports Days.

In the not-so-distant future are the children’s transition days. All our children, whether moving on from Gateway School to Senior School, or moving from Preschool to Reception, every child will be taking part in a transition experience into a new year group and this can sometimes bring a sense of nervousness of the unknown. This is often a day of many emotions; excitement to find out who their teacher will be and who will be in their class; sadness to be leaving their current class and teachers; anticipation about what’s to come and sometimes a little bit of fear too.

We would like all our children to know that they are more than equipped for this transition. They have had a fantastic year of learning and personal growth and are ready to take this next step on their educational journeys. We have no doubt that they will come home from their transition days having had a great time and full of excitement for the year ahead.

And not forgetting you as parents too. I am sure there are a host of emotions that you are feeling about your son or daughter growing up and moving on. Please remember we are here for you as well, so do not hesitate to ask if we can help during this transition period for you too. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at one or another of the many end of year events.

Mrs Bufton-Green

Head Teacher

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