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Miss Hawke and Mrs Vyas reflect on their first year of teaching at Gateway School

As the summer term comes to an end, Miss Hawke and Mrs Vyas have been reflecting on their first year of teaching at Gateway School. You can read their thoughts below:

Starting at Gateway was a new adventure for both of us. After many years of teaching in a state school, joining the Gateway family was a breath of fresh air. We were immediately welcomed by all staff and children with their words of encouragement and beaming smiles. Staff at Gateway are always eager for new staff members like ourselves to participate and share their ideas while also giving us opportunities to investigate ways to achieve an even higher standard of all rounded teaching. Being involved in a variety of after school clubs has also helped us engage with a number of children from around the school. We have both looked forward to our allocated club days as it’s our chance to hear stories of what children around the school have been doing that day. We have strived to make our clubs and lessons engaging and have thoroughly enjoyed our time with the children. We have worked hard to make our classrooms happy, safe and engaging places where children respect each other and the learning taking place. Through building trusting relationships with our pupils, we’ve been able to help the children understand that mistakes are opportunities to learn and that we celebrate them in our classrooms. As the summer term comes to an end, we are both extremely sad to leave our current classes but are excited to embark on another adventurous year at Gateway!

We have had a year filled with laughter, learning and love and we are truly grateful to all the staff, parents and children for making us feel this included within our first year.

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