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At this time of year, a considerable amount of my time is spent with representatives from various secondary schools who come to meet our outgoing Year 6 pupils. This is both a sad and exciting time for our pupils and staff. It is always sad to say goodbye but it is exciting to think of the progress they have made and the opportunities that they have in front of them.

I have the pleasure of speaking about each of the pupils: their personalities, their strengths, their achievements, their behaviour, and any advice I can give that I feel will help the children adapt to their new environments.

Once I have spoken about our current pupils I take the opportunity to enquire about the pupils that they already have at their schools who attended Gateway. The feedback that I get is invaluable as it can be used to tweak what it is that we do at Gateway to prepare our boys and girls for the inevitable move away from us.

There are some common threads to the feedback that I am given about our pupils, in fact, today I met with a senior teacher from Chesham Grammar. I asked him to describe a typical Gateway pupil, the words that he gave me were: articulate, engaging, independent and he also said that they show good initiative.

The Deputy Head of The Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe, where former Gateway pupil, Kam Lambert, will be Head Boy next year, also provided some very positive feedback: “We are always delighted to welcome students from Gateway School to RGS. They make the transition seamlessly and immediately begin to add value to their new school. The values and characteristics they have developed have given them a great foundation for the next stage of their education.”

I would like to think that all of our pupils live up to this description and that as partners with you, we have given our boys and girls a great start to their educational journey as well as arming them with values and skills that will hopefully stay with them.

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