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Mr Atkinson's blog - The Presence of Technology in Take One Picture

Over the last 2 days staff have been working hard to transform the hall into a shrine celebrating the hard work of your children and the creativity and dedication of our teachers. There is an amazing variety of pupil’s work covering all subjects in all year levels based around ‘The Men of the Docks’ by George Bellows.

As I walked around the hall I had a growing sense of pride that a lot of the work had either been created, documented or presented with the use of technology. Of course some of this work I had been involved with but a lot of it had been created without my knowledge or help by the staff and students (with the gentle and patient guidance of Mr Tyler). This got me to reflect on some of the amazing skills and creativity that is currently present within the Gateway community.

I was able to watch a lovely presentation created by the Reception staff of their children working away on their TOP project. This presentation was attached to a QR code so that viewers could watch the presentation on the technology that we provided or even their own mobile phones. In fact, in the hall to help people experience the learning that took place, we have 6 chrome books, 20 Ipads, 2 projectors and an interactive screen across 9 different stalls. The footage when combined adds up to well over 2 hours!

The footage includes Drama, MFL, English, Science, Art, Design Technology, Music, Maths and Humanities from all year levels. As well as this Year 5 pupils were able to cleverly manipulate and apply filters to create their own interpretations of this year’s picture.

The year 5 and 6 pupils have created their own presentations using ‘Spark Video’ to narrate their thoughts on the work that they were involved in for Take One Picture . This was then attached to QR codes so that they could be easily shared thus allowing visitors to gain a more intimate understanding of the work that they are viewing.

One of the highlights for me was the Year 6 work that was done in Art and DT. Each child was able to design a tenement building or a skyscraper which, with the help of Mr Tyler’s Laser printer, were printed onto coloured plastic, carefully put together and then combined to make a the New York skyline. I have included a link to a time lapse clip of the buildings being put together. The result is stunning!

I really do hope that you get the opportunity to come into the hall and experience the Take One Picture exhibition for yourself. I know that you will be as impressed as I was.

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