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I’m writing this whilst in school with the Key Workers’ Children. Keeping in regular contact with the school community, it has occurred to me that throughout this strange period, the children’s resilience, spirit and generous attitude has astounded me. We really are part of a fabulous community at Gateway, a community that will undoubtedly come back stronger when things finally return to ‘normal’. In the meantime, the teachers continue to provide the best possible ‘distance learning’ which, as a parent at the school as well as a teacher, I am extremely grateful for and which also means the children will be ready to hit the ground running come September.

This week, our Year 6 children were due to sit their SATs. The children had worked so hard to reach this point and I’m sure were disappointed that they couldn’t show us all what they had learnt. However, at Gateway, we believe that there is so much more to school than preparing for tests. The curriculum we provide offers the children the opportunities to succeed at topics both in and out of the classroom. Even during the current school closure, the work provided by teachers and then produced by the children has been amazing - anyone who watches Mrs La Farge’s Mr Best assembly on a Monday can witness the range of abilities our children demonstrate.

Stay safe and happy everyone.

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