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From the outset of the COVID -19 outbreak, it has been clear that the children at Gateway are resilient, talented and knowledgeable. The work that they have produced online has been astounding, evidence of which we have been able to show off through our social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They have adapted to the different demands of an online curriculum and we are extremely proud of all of them.

The teachers have worked incredibly hard to enable this to happen. The speed of development in technological understanding has allowed all the children to access instant facts, explanations, endless practice, guidance and support in developing key skills for success. The children can submit assignments to their teachers through Google Classroom from anywhere in the world. This ability to provide a virtual education through fully integrated technology is reshaping our perception of what education can look like.

The first few weeks of our online learning programme developed the school in numerous ways. Our priority was to ensure continued education and pastoral support for all pupils and through the success of the provision we have offered, we have seen the children develop their character, grit and resilience alongside the development of their knowledge, competence and breadth of skills.

However, It has been clear in the past three weeks since we welcomed back our Preschool, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils that nothing can replace actually being at school in its physical sense. It has never been more evident that talented teachers who focus on the pedagogical skills of planning and delivering of lessons that take real account of their pupils’ strengths and weaknesses, tailoring activities to their needs as individuals and in groups, and with due attention to their care, can not be fully replicated by any online provision, no matter how hard teachers work to provide this. This is why we are delighted to be able to get all of the children back to school for a period of time before breaking up for the summer holidays. We are looking forward to seeing them all.

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