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Active participation: How pupils take ownership of their learning

At Gateway, we work hard to encourage the children’s active participation in every lesson of the day. This way, the children are able to take ownership of their learning, increase their sense of achievement and move forward in their understanding.

Feedback has long been recognised as one of the best ways to progress a child’s learning and self-assessment means that the children are able to identify where they think their own strengths and weaknesses lie, meaning teachers can locate potential areas to develop that learners are unaware of, as well as dedicating attention to anything that the children have highlighted. In your children’s books, you will find evidence of response marking, where the teacher and child have developed a written dialogue over the work, noting areas for improvement and commenting on how to progress the work further. This very visible but clear feedback helps to focus the child on the learning intentions of the lesson so that they are focused on what to do to succeed.

The individual mentoring that we undertake with the children also plays a huge part in the children’s ownership of their learning. Gaining feedback from the children themselves will reinforce how much a teacher values their opinion - giving children a sense of responsibility within the classroom - and this mutual respect will emphasise the all-important idea that learning involves working together.

We know at Gateway that it is vitally important for the children to take responsibility for their day-to-day learning. This will not only develop and mould positive classroom behaviour, but contribute to the lifelong lessons that stem from taking a share of in-class ownership.

Rob Grosse, Deputy Head

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