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Mr Grosse's blog - Anti-Bullying Week

This week we welcomed the children back with an assembly focussed on Anti-Bullying Week. During the assembly, the children were asked to think, pair and share ideas related to the giving and receiving of compliments. They were then invited to share with the school their thoughts and ideas. Further discussions on how we can make people feel differently by the way we treat them took place and the children were unanimous in their thoughts that we are the ones responsible for making a change.

The week also coincides with the new learning for life topic ‘Celebrating Differences’. During their lessons this week, Year 6 children have had some lively discussions about what being ‘normal’ is, answering such questions as: Is it normal to wear glasses; is it normal to sit around the table as a family and have dinner every evening; is it normal to have two legs? Perhaps you could have a conversation with your children and challenge their thinking on what it is to be ‘normal’. For Anti-Bullying Week, Debate Club discussed opinions and ideas about what can be done to stop bullying and whose responsibility it is to help put an end to it.

I am always so impressed with the confidence and the passion with which the children discuss such important topics. I see it as a real strength of the school that not only do the children treat each other with respect on a daily basis, but they also have such a strong sense of justice on what is right and wrong and are determined that the school is a happy place for everyone. We are always inundated with volunteers to be on School Council and each class regularly provides us with new topics for discussion.

We may not think the same, dress the same, speak the same or do the same things… and that’s OK! Where there's tolerance of diversity, bullying can't thrive.

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