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Mr Grosse's blog - Striving for our goals

Every parent wants their child to succeed and be happy. Achieving this is a team effort between teachers, parents and the children. At Gateway we work hard to help our pupils find an area of strength and arm them with the skills they will need to work towards this. This term’s Learning for Life topic of Dreams and Goals focuses on the steps needed to succeed and assemblies over the past two weeks have made the children think about what they want to achieve and how they are going to get there.

At Gateway, we are proud to provide our pupils with a range of opportunities. Our curriculum is wide and varied and allows pupils to experience a range of activities in and out of the classroom. For the sporty children we have an amazing amount of fixtures for them to participate in. The upcoming Take One Picture exhibition will allow the artistic children to flourish, assemblies regularly showcase acting skills and some of the models constructed in technology are mind-blowing. Music teas, our annual trip to the O2 for Young Voices and the range of individual lessons cater for those interested in music. Our clubs programme provides a plethora of opportunities for children to search and develop areas of interest. Last term there were over 60 clubs running a week. These clubs cover the arts, sports, computing, environmental issues, debating and even a very popular maths club!

Once a child has found a particular area of interest they would like to develop, our role is to help prepare them for success and of course the trials and tribulations that come with striving. Our Learning for Life curriculum teaches children how to set short and long term goals that they can work towards. Our ASPIRE values teach the children the values that they will need to work towards these goals. These values are embedded into our curriculum, form the focus of our mentoring sessions and are regularly talked about in assemblies. Children in Years 4 to 6 also complete a course in ‘Mindfulness’ which helps them to train their minds, gives them practical techniques to help them cope with difficult situations and it also helps them to understand how their mind works. These experiences help to develop resilience amongst our pupils.

An important aspect of helping a child to strive for their goals is through recognising effort and achievement. Some of the many ways we do this are: through Celebration Assemblies; My Best certificates; merits; participating in assemblies; Facebook posts and Tweets; as well as through regular verbal and written feedback. Our children work hard in and out of the classroom and, as a school, we are proud of each and every one of them.

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