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Mr Grosse's blog - A true focus on the individual

Pupil voice is fundamental to the successful day-to-day running of any school. Who better than the children, those who are experiencing the results of our decision making, to drive innovation and learning at the school?

At Gateway, we have always valued the children’s opinions - from School Council to Junior Road Safety Officers, from Eco-council to classroom monitors and playground leaders. However, some of the best information comes from our termly mentoring sessions. This is the opportunity for every child in the school to spend quality time with their class teacher or tutor, discussing what they enjoy about school, what they find difficult and, most importantly, what could be done to make their life at school better. We have held these mentoring sessions for a number of years now and some of the most creative ideas and curriculum updates have come from these discussions.

Whether it is a classroom-based subject, sport or creative art, the children all set themselves targets for the term as a result of the discussion held during the mentoring sessions. As our ASPIRE values tell us, we want the children to enjoy their learning at school - if they can have input into their daily lives and their opinions are valued, they can reach their true potential.

School is so much more than learning in the classroom. Preparing each child for their next steps by working with them to agree exactly what their next steps should be ensures they are consulted, helping them to take ownership of their learning. Ultimately this helps them make great progress. Valuing the child’s opinions ensures a more cohesive and happier school community.

Teachers and tutors will be mentoring all Gateway pupils in March and we will share a summary of these discussions with parents at our Consultation Evenings.

Mr Grosse, Deputy Head

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