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We are proud that we serve the holistic needs of our Gateway children. We design our curriculum to meet their needs so they are prepared for their next steps. That may come from a confidence standpoint, or teaching them to swim, even to help them understand their own mental health. The future is always an uncertain place, and workforces are changing with need, circumstance and opportunity. We know that to help meet these needs and challenges, we had to take a fresh look at our digital curriculum. Here is a peak behind-the-scenes of what we offer at Gateway School.


We plan for current challenges that children may face at home. Teaching our children to navigate the internet safely and what it takes to be a responsible Digital Citizen, is paramount in our Computing Curriculum. Furthermore, the children learn how to manage friendships online, as well as reflecting on how they conduct themselves, being aware that every interaction leaves a footprint (just ask Year 3 about Website Cookies).

Behind the box

Through this unit, we learn how digital devices work and how they communicate with one another. Understanding what makes a device tick, is an important part of maintaining and respecting technology.

Computer Science

The inner processes of a computer can be quite mysterious to many of us, but to a child they can learn it as another language. At Gateway, we are developing the use of progressive coding programs through the years, with the aim of developing Year 6 children who are as fluent in French as they are in computer code.

Working in the cloud

Chromebooks are so fantastic because they are cloud-based devices. They are managed remotely and store everything in the cloud. This creates endless opportunities for online tools and cross-collaboration, not only with the pupils in the same classes, but with everyone who works within the school community. Watching multiple children work on the same document simultaneously is a personal joy of mine.

Meeting the Future’s needs

This is the open-ended part of the curriculum. After a year’s worth of Computing, we put all of our skills to the test to build the solution to a problem put to them. ‘How would you address the problem of Climate Change through the skills you have learnt this year?’ may be a question a Year 6 child would tackle, whereas a Year 1 child may answer ‘Create something to celebrate your favourite Roald Dahl story at our end-of-year party!’ Allowing our children to express themselves, make mistakes whilst working towards an end goal, exercises everything we have learnt about, enabling them to take a step towards the real world.

Additionally, we have been creating our own Digital Journeys to showcase the work that we have been doing together. This will likely evolve and develop as the staff and children find styles and methods of capturing their own learning over their years at Gateway School.

Thank you to everyone for their enthusiasm around digital learning. We know this investment is a key addition to the outstanding education our school already offers. We are proud to help the children find the confidence and learn the skills to embrace whatever tech-focused future they may face.

Mr Miles

Head of Digital

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