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Mrs Bufton-Green's Blog-'Happy Children Learn'

Mrs Bufton-Green's Blog-'Happy Children Learn'

Learning at Gateway School transcends the conventional. While the National Curriculum lays the groundwork, it's the ingenious interpretation and enhancement by the dedicated teachers that breathes life into every lesson.

At the heart of this educational journey are our six ASPIRE values ā€“ Achieve, Strive, Participate, Investigate, Respect, and Enjoy. These values are not simply words on a wall, but the vibrant threads woven through each experience, turning education into a tapestry of personal and academic growth.

We firmly believe that "happy children learn" and this belief is the cornerstone of our approach to learning. Teachers invest time in understanding each child's unique essence ā€“ their joys, anxieties and what brings that smile to their faces. In this nurturing environment, education goes beyond rote learning, embracing a holistic vision that encompasses character development and social skills.

Considering these needs alongside our three school priorities for the year, below you will see just some of the many fantastic opportunities and experiences the children have been involved in this term. The narrative comes alive through photos showcasing the diverse array of activities that have captivated children throughout the school. From hands-on experiments to immersive projects, each moment captured tells a tale of engagement, curiosity and the joy of learning.

We look forward to bringing you another term of fun, immersive and engaging learning opportunities next term too. In the meantime, wishing everyone a restful and enjoyable Christmas and New Year!

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