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Mrs Kemp's blog - Banning the eraser

I believe that a positive attitude towards making mistakes fosters growth. At Gateway, we create an environment in which children feel comfortable trying new things and making mistakes, this starts from Early Years. As I walk around school, from Preschool to Year 6, I see confident, engaged children eager to learn and improve their work. Creative thinking is embedded in the characteristics of effective learning of the Early Years Curriculum. In Preschool, for example, children experiment and try out their ideas practically when building in the outdoor space. We have an important role at school, to give children permission to make mistakes as they work at the edge of their capabilities. Seeing mistakes as signposts in their learning rather than playing it safe. To this end we discourage the use of erasers in the classroom.

The cognitive scientist Guy Claxton explains that by encouraging children to acknowledge their mistakes, we build resilience. His comments followed research that suggest resilience and curiosity are two essential ingredients for pupil’s success, helping them do better in exams but also in life.

I am always impressed by the way our pupils approach their marking feedback with such determination to improve and take their next steps in learning. The ability to think creatively is a vital skill for the future.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mrs S Kemp

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