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Mrs La Farge's blog

Dear Parents

As we race to the end of another academic year and prepare to say goodbye to our Year 6 children, it is lovely to look back on all that has been achieved during the past year. Artistic, academic, music and sporting successes have all been enjoyed and celebrated, as the children across the year groups have participated with enthusiasm and determination. This success is a demonstration of what can be achieved when teachers set high expectations; combine these with flair and enthusiasm, creating a team spirit and a sense of purpose which engenders confidence and draws the very best out of the children. However, what is pleasing above all else, is to be able to clearly see how much each child has grown in confidence and self-belief, as the terms have passed.

The word ‘individual’ has always been an important one at Gateway School and to celebrate each pupil’s talents and interests is a central value of the school and at the heart of all that we do. As our Year 6 children come to the end of their time with us and look back on all that they have experienced and achieved, we hope that they will feel a huge sense of happiness, believing that the school has been a good place to be. They have been part of a school where the adults truly cared for them; a school with a big heart, which has helped each child to become an assured, capable person, considerate of others, with a generous nature, a love of life and its awe and wonder and able to face the world with hope and confidence. We will miss them.

I would like to thank parents for supporting all of the staff and me over the last year. It has been lovely to receive so many positive comments and kind words over the last couple of weeks. We really do appreciate it!

To all our children, and their families, the staff and I wish you a very relaxing, happy and peaceful holiday. To our leavers - good luck! We look forward to welcoming everyone else back to Gateway School in September.

Mrs La Farge

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