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Dear Parents

This is a difficult blog piece to write as life for all of us has been turned on its head by the rapid spread of Coronavirus and the decision by the Government to close all schools from today. At Gateway the staff have all been working tirelessly to keep the school environment as normal and as happy for all the children and in the background getting plans in place to continue to educate children in case of an enforced school closure.

Next week will be very different for everybody but we should look for the positives - your children are an amazing bunch who will bring a lot of joy and enthusiasm to each day and we know that they will embrace their new reality and will be happy to have you more closely involved in their daily lives. As a school we are encouraging families to try to maintain a ‘normal’ day where the children are ready to start their school day at 9am, they have regular breaks outside and opportunities to interact with classmates and their teachers via the wonders of the various online platforms or the old fashioned phone! There was a sensible report on the BBC this morning How to help kids cope with life without school

Whilst the next few weeks may prove challenging, it could provide a lovely opportunity to continue to encourage and develop kindness, both in the family and with the outside world. It is always refreshing to watch the news headlines and be lifted by the many stories of kindness that emerge from times of adversity. Like all other values, it is aspirational – it must be taught, sought and cherished. Like literacy or numeracy, the virtues we want to see in our young people must be modelled and deliberately taught as they grow towards adulthood. It is a long-term project in which parents, family and school work together to support children’s moral development. We all need kindness, especially now. Kindness is a true ‘value’ in that it is truly valuable. Let’s use this time to be kind to each other and support friends, relatives and our neighbours.

I want us to try and maintain a feeling of community amongst the children, families and the staff so we will be encouraging school wide challenges, competitions and fun activities so please try and engage with these and submit pictures and video so we can enjoy the many successes across the school.

I leave you with a thought provoking poem written by Kitty O’Meara

In Time of Pandemic

We look forward to welcoming you and your children back to Gateway School as soon as we are able. Keep safe and well

Sue La Farge

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