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Dear Parents

I do hope many of you will have been able to take the time to explore our fantastic Take One Picture exhibition. This year the pupils’ work has managed to fill the extended hall and contains such a variety of interpretations of the painting and examples of learning across many different subjects. It is quite staggering to see what the creative Gateway team have come up with! I am very grateful to the many staff who worked very late on Thursday evening to get the exhibition ready for us all to enjoy today.

This creative approach to learning is a real strength at Gateway. This project has many benefits; it helps pupils to build connections between different subjects, helps to strengthen the whole school community feel and raises many pupils self esteem through the variety of different work they are engaged in and successful at. The children are rightfully very proud of their work and are keen to share it with their families and to enjoy looking at what other year groups have achieved.

The week has also had an eco-feel to it - we held our regular Walk to School Week and Mr Bridges was delighted with the number of families who made this a part of their morning routine. The numbers of walkers have been tallied and house points will be awarded depending on the final position of the houses. Please see his report below. The Eco-Council were also keen for us to join in with National Waste Week this year. A new initiative was to serve sliced fruit to the children at break time so that they could take just what they wanted to eat and this appears to have reduced the waste substantially. My thanks to Mr Bridges and his JRSOs and the Eco-Council.

I am sad to say that I am still receiving regular reports about parents parking dangerously and inconsiderately outside the school. The weather is hopefully improving and the evenings and mornings are lighter so I would urge all parents not to park illegally and to help us to keep everyone safe.

We are looking forward to a busy Open Day tomorrow morning. Many Year 5 and Year 6 pupils are giving up their Saturday morning to act as tour guides and we know they will do a fantastic job. If you are planning to visit the Take One Picture on Saturday morning you are very welcome to wander round the hall with your child but I am afraid that the classrooms will need to be kept clear for visiting parents.

Kind regards

Sue La Farge

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