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Dear Parents

I had one of those magical days this Thursday which I would like to share with you. One of those days when you wish you were back at school as a child or if that's not possible there is no better job than being a Headteacher!

We started the day with a senior assembly taken by Mrs Grosse's Year 3 class in which we were all part of a live investigation into the popularity of the new ketchup dispenser! We all voted and our results were tallied on the interactive TV by the children and everyone had their say. Democracy in action!

I then headed to the Year 4 hatchery to get an update on the chicks which are currently providing so much learning and excitement in Year 4. Valuable lessons about life cycles, dealing with disappointments and responsibility for a living creature.

I was then off to catch up with my Year 5 Maths group who were working with half of Year 5 and Mr Atkinson using the new Lego Programmable 'WeDo' kits. What a fabulous time they were all having. Working well together in their groups, problem solving as they went. Their challenge was to build a programmable pulling device, write the code to make it move and then they had to use their Science knowledge to increase the friction and the strength of their design to maximise pulling power. Then the competitive bit! The different designs were pitted against each other and the children then had a further opportunity to tweak their designs in readiness for another competition. The team work, focus and problem solving skills witnessed in this session were amazing.

Then to relive my childhood on Llandudno beach I joined Year 2 in a Punch and Judy show! As part of their topic, The Seaside then and now, they all enjoyed a visit from Banana Brain Fun Shows who provided lots of history about Punch and Judy and also had the children roaring with laughter. Not behaviour we want to encourage at Gateway but a lovely way of bringing History to life for them.

Meanwhile the Year 1s were just returning from their visit to the local Peterley Farm. What a fantastic place this is. Their topic on Food and Farming, once again brought to life by a trip to a working farm and an opportunity to sample some of the delicious homegrown strawberries. Their excitement did not stop there as this afternoon they have been busy weighing and mixing ingredients to create the delicious scones they will be serving at the Year 1 cafe on Saturday. What a wealth of practical learning opportunities for our Year 1s - taking orders, calculating the costs, taking money and giving change, not to mention dealing with demanding customers!

At the end of the day Mr Grosse and I spent a lesson with the Year 6 pupils ensuring they were all organised and sorted for their roles on Saturday running the all important games stalls. Again team work, problem solving, organisation and many other skills will be called into action in order to make their stalls successful business opportunities.

What a great day! The staff here are excellent at ensuring the children have a vibrant education and the Gateway children are amazing. Their joyful enthusiasm for all the new challenges we organise for them, their strong sense of teamwork and problem solving skills are all such important skills which will help them as they continue with their education and into life beyond.

I look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday. We are keeping everything crossed for a dry day although we have given up any hope of a sunny day!

Mrs La Farge

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