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Mrs Sahota's blog - Designing Maths games for NSPCC Number Day, Friday 7 February

This week, the children have been enthused by the creative aspects of maths while also developing key mathematical skills and concepts. They have been developing their own mathematical games in preparation for Number Day and have been excited by the idea of interacting with other children across the school. We appreciate the importance of play as a crucial part of learning; children are able to explore concepts for themselves, make up their own rules, negotiate with others, strategise and plan ahead.

Games provide opportunities for meaningful practice and enrich the extent and quality of children’s learning. They can build understanding by actively engaging in tasks and experiences designed to deepen and connect their knowledge. Understanding can be developed through solving problems, reasoning, and discussion, where children explain and justify their thinking. Children are more likely to consolidate concepts through play than through repetitive exercises or a worksheet. They develop resilience as they self-correct their errors and strengthen the strategies with which they feel comfortable - those they “own” - and will help make these strategies increasingly automatic.

We look forward to seeing a variety of maths-themed ideas as children dress up and bake to raise money for the NSPCC. In Monday’s assembly, children spoke fondly of the fun had with family and friends when playing games.

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