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Ms Crangles - Celebrating Science at Gateway

Walking around the ‘Take One Picture’ exhibition last week, I was delighted to see the wide range of exciting scientific investigations taking place across the school, from Preschool through to Year 6. During this week alone, many concepts were explored including: floating and sinking, buoyancy and weight, hull design, streamlining, building bridges and the forces and materials involved in this. What was even more impressive was that much of the experimentation was led by the children themselves, with them coming up with their own questions as a result of being inspired by the ‘Men of the Docks’ picture. This is a great example of our aim to build on the children’s curiosity and sense of awe in science. It also demonstrates that allowing the children to take an active part in the planning process can be a powerful tool for learning. Through their weekly science lessons, as well as additional projects such as ‘Take One Picture’, we aim to give children as many opportunities as possible to ‘work scientifically’ using a wide range of investigations and practical activities.

At Gateway, we are fortunate to have the use of the science lab and its facilities, which broadens the opportunities we can offer the children in science. Recently, Year 4 enjoyed using the Bunsen burners for the first time in order to investigate the melting point of different solids. We recently acquired some exciting new data logging equipment, including temperature, light, carbon dioxide and pulse rate sensors. These link well with developing data skills in maths as it enables the children to observe a wide range of graphs being created in ‘real time’ during an investigation.

This week is British Science Week, which gives us another opportunity to celebrate science at Gateway. The national theme for British Science Week 2019 is ‘Journeys’ and we are encouraging children across the school to participate in the national poster competition based on this. The aim is for the children to produce an interesting and informative poster about anything involving journeys and science. The children in Science Club brainstormed a fantastic range of ideas around this theme, ranging from an astronaut's journey into space, to the forces involved in journeys by boat, car or plane, to the journey of sound, light, or electricity, to the journeys of discovery made by famous scientists. The poster may be created by hand or using a computer, but must be 2D and submitted on one side of A4 or A3 paper. The five best posters from Gateway will be entered into the UK-wide competition, with the chance for children to win an array of prizes including a special Guinness World Records experience.

We very much look forward to celebrating creativity and scientific thinking when we select a winner from each year group, with the children earning points towards their house total.

Have a good weekend.

Ms Crangles

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