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Sport's blog - The Benefits of Physical Activity and Sport on Mental Wellbeing

With Sport Relief just around the corner, on Friday 13th March, we are taking the opportunity to highlight the benefits of Sport and Physical Activity on mental wellbeing. Each child from Reception to Year 6 will be taking part in the Sport Relief mile and we hope you can join us to support them. At Gateway, we firmly believe that Physical Activity and Sport are excellent tools to support good mental health and at the centre of our PE curriculum is the aim to provide children with a rewarding learning environment that enables them to express themselves, explore a range of movements and work collaboratively with others.

This fundamental aim is targeted at making PE a place where children can detach and relieve themselves from anxieties and stressors they may be experiencing in their day. In order for this to be achieved, we focus on providing children with a wide array of activities, games and fixtures that focus on social interactions, enjoyment and engagement. In line with contemporary research, we believe being active in a safe environment with peers and friends provides children with significant opportunities to interact with others and feel a sense of belonging. In turn, this has the potential to play a vital role in increasing self-esteem, happiness and self-confidence.

There are also well established links between Physical Activity and an increase in endorphin levels which make us feel good. Studies have shown that a rise in endorphin levels can help enhance concentration and learning, alleviate stress and can aid in attention span and memory retention. With positive links between Physical Activity and good mental wellbeing, we strive to promote a love of being active that focuses on enjoyment for each individual child. Through this aim, we hope to nurture a passion for sport that is maintained in both their time at Gateway and in later life.

Mr Dobree-Carey

Teacher of PE & Sport

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