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The importance and benefits of Character Education at Gateway School

The benchmarks of a high-quality education extend far beyond academic accomplishments and test results. However, it is not uncommon for both parents and schools to overlook Character Education as an integral part of a child's educational experience. But, what precisely is Character Education, and why has its significance surged in our ever-evolving world?

Character Education involves deliberate efforts to nurture virtues and ethical values in children, and align with the core principles of our school values. The underlying idea is to develop qualities and behaviours that inspire motivation, guide conduct, and help children think wisely, learn eagerly, act with integrity, and collaborate effectively – essential qualities for thriving in our society.

At Gateway School, we understand the duty we have to foster the social, moral and cultural development of pupils. Character Education in our school is integrated into our curriculum, our extensive co-curricular program, and our active School Parliament, all of which ensure that the values we impart and the school culture we create, are firmly rooted in building on Character Education.

Furthermore, it is clear how our Gateway School ASPIRE values align seamlessly with the principles of Character Education:

  • Achieve: We are dedicated to motivating our pupils to reach for their aspirations with unwavering determination.
  • Strive: Character Education fosters resilience and self-confidence. Our educational approach instils in our pupils the importance of resilience, inspiring them to embrace and persevere with the challenges they may encounter.
  • Participate: We encourage individuals to work harmoniously with others, communicate effectively, and actively contribute to the school and the broader community.
  • Investigate: We foster curiosity for learning, always encouraging the exploration of new ideas and learning
  • Respect: Our pupils understand the significance of respecting themselves and others, forming a foundation of strong moral principles.
  • Enjoy: Character Education places a strong emphasis on promoting wellbeing and fostering a positive outlook, ensuring that our pupils enjoy their educational journey.

At Gateway School we firmly believe our dedicated approach to nurturing character is the cornerstone for improving wellbeing, attainment, behaviour and preparing pupils to prosper in society. Through character development and learning, we enable children to grow into resilient adaptable individuals who can shape their own future.

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