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This week's update from Mrs La Farge

There has been so much going on this week I am not sure where to start! The weather has been fantastic and has helped to make trips and events really enjoyable and memorable. I have been so impressed by how quickly our new pupils have settled and made friends, it's as if they have been here for months!

All the children left in school last Friday afternoon enjoyed the local excitement of cheering the cyclists in the Tour of Britain on as they sped past us. The spot at the bottom of the Rignall Road was perfect for us and provided a good view both up the hill and around the corner. I am reliably informed we did make a fleeting appearance on television!

This week Year 3 pupils have had a great team building trip to Green Park and Year 4 have visited Mr Dyson's farm to study the variety of habitats there. So much learning goes on when the pupils are out of the classroom, and our trips and visits programme is well designed to maximise these opportunities for all the pupils. We will be displaying photographs of the pupils enjoying school trips, and other activities on our new Digital Signage Board in the corridor and in the photocopier area, so please do take a moment to look at them.

All the pupils from year 1 have chosen their meals this week, and for the younger pupils they have mastered the coloured band system to remind them of what they are having each day. This new system will have many benefits; we will quickly be able to spot and change our meals which are not as popular, we will be helping to minimise waste, and we are giving the pupils a real choice from the three options. The children seem to be enjoying this increase in responsibility and have coped brilliantly with the change. As have all the staff!! I am sure this will very quickly become part of the weekly routine.

The pupils in Year 5 and 6 have been very diligent about wearing their blazers into assembly and around school. They do all look very smart in assembly in the mornings. Obviously they do not need to wear them in lessons or at play times, and if the weather is warm we are allowing them to leave them in their lockers. Please make sure that all blazers are clearly marked as they will have a tendency to be left around the school while we get used to this routine.

Please make sure you have signed up for an appointment to meet your child's class teacher. If you do not have internet access my helpful office staff will be able to make the appointment for you.

I hope this glorious weather continues and everyone has a lovely weekend.

Mrs La Farge

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